August 19, 2004

Fish Finder – 8/19/2004

Frank Dwyer
August 19, 2004

Marblehead: Bluefish and striped bass continue to be landed from Devereux Beach, but the fishing has been somewhat sporadic. At night, dark plugs or swimming lures have been attracting fish. Marblehead Neck has been a bit slow over the last week. Anglers in boats have done well with live and chunk baits off Ram, Tinkers and Browns Islands. Flounder and Fluke catches have also been increasing.

Salem: Salem Sound has had an influx of mackerel and herring over the last week and anglers able to take advantage of these live baits have done very well with striped bass, some in the thirty-pound range. Fluke and flounder catches have increased over the last week as the bluefish have seemed to thin out a bit.

Beverly: Boat anglers have done well with striped bass just outside the harbor, as well as off West Beach and in the coves around the islands. The fish have been chasing herring and mackerel, and once they get a pod of bait cornered, watch out! Sometimes it’s a challenge to get these feeding fish to take your offering, however I find letting the lure or fly sink way below the action, and then slowly reeling or stripping back in works well. Anglers fishing the Fishing Pier at night have been landing keeper size bass on clams, worms and cut baits.

Cape Ann: Anglers fishing off White Beach in Manchester have reported surface feeding bass this past week. Fishing in Gloucester Harbor and from the State Fishing Pier has been good for the most part over the last week. Bluefish have been prevalent but some bigger striped bass have also been landed. Anglers fishing around Ten Pound Island as well as Straitsmouth have done well, mostly with school sized bass. Fishermen using chunk baits have landed larger fish. Those exploring the Essex River have reported steadier action for bluefish and stripers, mostly in the early morning or evening. Fluke and Flounder have also been cooperative for anglers targeting them. Off shore, anglers in search of tuna reported a slower week, due in part to the left over hurricane activity we’ve had.

Ipswich: Anglers fishing the Ipswich River for stripers and bluefish have done well with both fly and spin gear. The stripers seem quite interested in sluggo-type offerings and large profile baitfish flies. Surfcasters working the Pavilion, Steep Hill and Crane Beaches reported slower activity, but some fish are still being landed, mostly in the low-light hours.

Newbury: Plum Island Sound and the Parker River remain productive for bass and bluefish; however the bluefish activity has slowed a bit. Fishing along the beaches of the refuge has been slow, but anglers fishing with clams and sea worms have landed bass. The Parker River National Wildlife Refuge fully opened its beaches last week and this means the entire stretch of beach is now open for fishing. In addition, drive-on fishing is also allowed now, however there are some new regulations, including a log book that must be signed each and every time you drive on the beach. You’ll also need to purchase a day or season pass, as well as have all the proper equipment needed for driving on the beach. (tow rope, shovel, board, etc…) Contact of visit the Refuge for further information.

Newburyport / Plum Island: Shore anglers fishing from the Deer Island/Chain Bridge area reported slow going over this past week. The same can be said for fishing off of Carr and Eagle Islands, upriver from the Route 1 Bridge. Joppa Flats has also been slow, and while fish have been evident on several outings, they have been quite finicky and unwilling to take most offerings. Anglers fishing the higher tides on the flats at night have reported some keeper size bass on black flies and plugs, as well as on live eels. Fishing the backside of Woodbridge Island has also yielded fish. Fishing the Plum Island Beach front from shore has also been slow, but some fish have been landed, mostly on bait. Anglers in boats have landed flounder and fluke on the sandy bottom, just off the beach. Plum Island Point continues to draw crowds of anglers, and fish continue to be caught in the swift moving river. Sea worms, clams and cut bait have all worked for anglers, allowing their bait to bounce along the bottom. Fly fishermen and anglers using lures have reported less activity. Anglers willing to brave the jetties have also been landing fish, mostly on bait.

Salisbury: Most of the fishing action in Salisbury remains at the State Reservation where fishermen continue to cast into the river in hopes of landing the big one. Most of the action reported has been with bass in the 22” to 26” range, but some keepers have been in the mix. Sea worms, clams and cut bait continue to out fish lures and flies. Anglers fishing from boats have reported bluefish activity off Salisbury Beach.

Seacoast, NH: Surfcasters have reported sporadic activity along the Rye, Seabrook and Hampton beaches. The marsh area and railroad bridge in Hampton continues to produce striped bass. Best time is at night, with the most productive bait appearing to be cut herring. In Portsmouth, fishing in the Piscataqua has been good, with anglers reporting decent action around both Badger and Pierce Island. Anglers fishing around New Castle have also found cooperative striped bass.

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