August 12, 2004

Fish Finder – 8/12/2004

Frank Dwyer
August 12, 2004

Marblehead: Anglers fishing sea clams, worms and cut bait have done well with bass off Devereux Beach, mostly in the evening. Bluefish have been plentiful again this week, with boat and shore anglers landing fish from 3 to 12 pounds. Fly and Spin fishermen have done well in pursuit of bass near the lighthouse on the neck.

Salem: Surface feeding bass with birds overhead were seen this past week in Salem Sound. The Kernwood Bridge and Route 1A/127 Bridge have presented shore fishermen with opportunities for striped bass catches. Clam strips and cut bait have been the most productive baits. Fishing around Winter Island has continued to produce striped bass for both fly and spin anglers.

Beverly: Beverly Harbor has been home to surface feeding bass over the last week and it’s great to have this type of action in August! Bluefish are still around, but those with boats have done better as the fish seemed to move into deeper water. Anglers patrolling the beaches at night are finding striped bass, mostly with cut bait and live eels. Flounder still around the shoreline for those who want them.

Cape Ann: Manchester anglers continue to report decent action for striped bass as well as bluefish. Bluefish have not been as prevalent over the last week, but sporadic pods are around. Anglers fishing around Thatchers Island have done well as well as near Halibut Point. School bluefin tuna are on many anglers minds as these fish have been seen from all throughout the area. While seeing and catching are certainly two different things, there have been quite a few of these fish landed. Anglers trolling Green Machines have done well while casting spin fishermen have been using Hydro poppers and jigs. Some savvy fishermen have even landed these speedy fish on large mackerel or herring imitation flies. Party boats continue to return with good catches of market sized cod and haddock.

Ipswich: Bluefish and striped bass activity has been good off Ipswich Neck. Some bigger blues—to 15 pounds—have been landed. The mouth of the Ipswich has had good action over the past week, with bluefish and stripers both in the mix. Shore anglers have had decent action from Pavilion Beach as well as the beaches around the Crane Mansion. Small popping plugs like Chub Creeks or Skitter Pops have attracted blues and stripers and fly anglers have also done well with floating lines and popping flies.

Newbury: The Parker River and Plum Island Sound remain home to many bluefish. Striped Bass activity seemed a bit better this week, with most of the action on schoolies, but some bigger fish have been in the mix. The reservation beaches continue to produce bass for anglers, mostly those using bait, although a few surface blitzes have been reported. Shore anglers fishing the Parker River near the Route 1A bridge have also reported decent striped bass activity.

Newburyport / Plum Island: Striped bass fishing has been fairly consistent around Joppa Flats. The outgoing tide over the last several days has produced good sized schoolies and several keeper sized bass. These fish have been taking sluggos rigged on lead heads, popping plugs and needlefish, as well as flies stripped fast on a sinking line. The beaches have also produced fish, but surfcasters have found the fish to be somewhat finicky over the last week. Plum Island Point continues to attract crowds of anglers who have been landing good numbers of striped bass. Fly anglers fishing the sandbar off the Point have done well stripping clousers and deceivers on sinking lines in the fast moving current. Upriver, Deer Island remains popular with shore bound anglers in search of striped bass. Bait fishermen seem to be outscoring all others here. Fishermen in search of Tuna have found these fish all throughout Ipswich Bay out to the Isle of Shoals. Party Boats have continued to reward their patrons with cod numbers of cod and haddock.

Salisbury: Salisbury Beach is really only an option early in the morning or in the evening as beachgoers have certainly taken over. That said, surfcasters working this stretch of beach have had luck with both bluefish and striped bass, with relatively little company from other anglers. Sea worms rigged on a fish finder rig work very well, as do swimming and popping plugs, and metal lures. Much like Plum Island Point, anglers fishing the river from the State Reservation have continued to land good numbers of striped bass.

Seacoast, NH: Fishing the seacoast has been somewhat spotty, but anglers fishing the Rye coastline, off Route 1A, have found striped bass in lowlight conditions. Anglers working the Hampton marsh and bridges have also found fish, but have had to work a bit harder and longer to find them. The Piscataqua has been somewhat spotty, with schoolies being landed here and there, but the fish seem to be spread out. Anglers fishing further off shore and out to the Isle of Shoals have reported decent pods of bluefish and some school bluefin tuna activity as well.

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