June 5, 2012

Fishing Continues to Please

BY Frank G. Dwyer
June 5, 2012
A full Moon, astronomically large tides and the Transit of Venus could not stop me from exploring my new home waters and even though the surf and wind were high, I was able to nab a few more croakers both today and yesterday.

I had to up my weight a bit to fight both the wind and high seas, but overall I've been enjoying this light tackle fishery which is quite under utilized as most folks around here fish from piers.

I'm hoping to explore using my 9 wt. Fly Rod on a few calmer days to see if I can get some of these little guys to take the fly. I'm also hoping some mackerel, bass, corbina and halibut soon end up on the end of my line.

Lastly, I'm looking forward to heading out at night soon in search of some Leopard Sharks on live bait! I'm not sure I'll be using This Meothod just yet, but have my own strategy in mind. Will report back. :)

June 3, 2012

Southern California Success!

BY Frank G. Dwyer
June 3, 2012

On a cloudy outgoing tide, I was able to land 5 Yellow Fin Croaker's and double that in Barred Surf Perch. I was surf casting with a 6 foot rod, equipped with 6-pound test.
All fish fell for artificial's rigged on a 1/2 oz. modified Carolina rig.

I've been here 18 months or so and this was one of the best days off Newport Beach I've had. It took me a while to get used to a fishery that is not anything like the striped bass fishery I am used to. I'll be out there looking for more of these and several other semi-common species available here in Southern California.

While the fish may be smaller than those surf casting elsewhere, they can be a real blast on light tackle, and hey, I can walk to catch them!

March 13, 2012

Recreational Fishing Permit

As a reminder Massachusetts residents are required to purchase a Recreational Fishing Permit as per the guidelines found HERE.

In a nutshell, all anglers aged 16-59 will need to pony up $10.00. This permit replaces the National Registry you may have previously registered for previously.

Some States offer reciprocity agreements with Massachusetts, which you can find on the DMF's Site.