May 27, 2010

Holiday Weekend Should Provide Excellent Fishing Opportunities

BY Frank G. Dwyer
Publication Date: 5/28/2010

Fishing has been slowly improving with bigger bass arriving and bluefish biting south of Boston. Flounder catches are on the uptick and the Cod boats are doing well.

I mentioned it last week, but you need to register to fish in saltwater this year. You can register by calling 888-674 7411 or visiting to do it online.

Enjoy your time on the water this
Memorial Day weekend!

Marblehead: (2 hooks)
Keep checking out on the Neck as fish have been just within casting distance this week taking most small to mid-sized offerings. Devereux beach has also been producing larger bass at night, especially for bait fishermen.

Salem: (3 hooks)
Just outside Salem Harbor has seen many surface feeds over the last week. Small plastics, and medium profile flies stripped fast have been taking striped bass to 25 inches. Shore anglers have found cooperative bass around Winter Island.

Beverly: (2 hooks)
Fishermen have been finding their limit of flounder around Beverly Harbor with depths of 15-25 ft working best. Sea worms and clams are attracting these flatties. Bass have also been taken around the harbo
r, but more sporadically, while fishing off West Beach and around the islands has been good for fly fishermen and spin anglers alike.

Cape Ann: (3 hooks)
Surf fishermen casting bait from Singing Beach have
found cooperative bass at night and just before dawn. Cut bait, sea worms and clams are all taking fish. Further north, the Magnolia/Gloucester coastline is heating up as more and more bass arrive, with bigger fish arriving every day. Most of the beaches from Gloucester to Essex are also yielding fish and some big fish are still being taken in the Annisquam and Essex. Mackerel have been abundant and easy to find and have led to some larger bass being taken outside the breakwater. Cod fishing for the fleet has been good.

: (2 hooks) Steep Hill and Crane Beach have been fishing well as larger stripers seem to have arrived. Fly fishermen throwing clousers and the like have had good success as have spin fishermen with mid-sized plugs and metals. The mouth of the river has seen a few surface feeds this week.

Newbury: (2 hooks)
Plum Island Sound striper activity has definitely picked up with sporadic surface f
eeding bass. Some anglers have reported good bass activity on chunks drifting their boats near Emerson Rocks. The Parker still has plenty of small bass for the taking.

Newburyport / Plum Island:
(3 hooks) Fishing upriver of Route 1, anglers have found cooperative shoolies on the moving tides all the way up to the Route 95 bridge. Small flies, sluggos and top water plugs have all tallied bass for this angler this week. Joppa flats has started to see more action from both spin anglers and fly fishermen, with the outgoing tide fishing best. Mackerel are just starting to show up, but mostly off shore a few
miles. The ocean front has been less predictable but bass, to keeper-size, have been taken on the front beach, both on jigs and bait. There have been sporadic reports of flounder catches just outside the mouth of the Merrimack. The party boats are keeping customers busy with excellent cod action.

Salisbury, MA: (2 hooks)
The crowds have increased substantially fishing from the banks of the river at the Salisbury State Reservation, but if you can stand the crowds, you are likely to find striped bass on the moving tides. Sea worms and clams with heavy weight have attracted bass as have larger sluggos bounced along the bottom on lead heads. Avoid the crowds and try your luck on the vast expanse of Salisbury’s ocean front.

Seacoast, NH: (2 hooks)
Mackerel are around the Granite State waters, but not in large numbers just yet, however the striped bass activity has been getting better with fishing from Hampton to Portsmouth getting better with each tide. The Piscataqua in Portsmouth has become more active and many are catching decent sized bass on swimming lures and soft baits. Bait fishermen have also found bass off the beach from North Hampton to Rye. Cod trips have been coming back with good hauls.

: Often anglers cast their jig or plug and start retrieving immediately. Let your lure or jig settle first, then experiment with your retrieve speeds. You’ll find that different timings will work depending on tide, time of day and weather.

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