August 19, 2007

There's always next year!

It's been an interesting Spring/Summer, and if you have not guessed, my column was "put on hold" due to budget constraints at the Eagle-Tribune. I'm confident that my column will return in the Spring of 2008 as I believe it is budgeted for the next fiscal year.

Besides working a relatively new day job at Oracle Corporation, I have been splitting my time between Golf (I know, the horror!) and fishing, with golf having the edge this year.

Overall, the fishing on the North Shore has been quite good this year. From Boston Harbor to Portland, Striped Bass and Bluefish have been quite active, while offshore anglers have been chasing Tuna off Tillies, Stellwagen and occassionally closer to shore.

Bluewater anglers have been fishing off Chatham and Nantucket in search of tuna, marlin, swordfish and sharks. Overall fishing conditions have been quite positive.

In the absence of my columns this year, the next best place to look is at Fly Fish Salt, a reliable and friendly community. Two of my favorite forums are the Offshore forum and the Massachusetts forum.

Until next time, see you on the water or around the greens!

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