February 11, 2007

Quality Basement Time

There are three things going on in the basement of the Dwyer household (at least worthy of mention) to pass away the cold winter. I received a ping-pong table and boxing training equipment for a recent birthday and my daughter and I have become quite addicted to ping-pong, and I to the speed and heavy bags. Excellent quality time for the entire family, including the two cats and the pooch.

The other activity of interest is fly tying. I'd started tying flies about 10 years ago, but had not done so for at least the last two seasons, well, mostly as Lennon said, "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans".

In any event, the fly tying table has been dusted off and in between heated ping-pong matches, I've managed to churn out about 2 dozen flies so far this winter, all of the saltwater variety, and mostly variations of the old standard clouser and deceiver. I have been reading up on other flies and have begun to expirement with other patterns using epoxy, mylar and other synthetic materials.

The thing about fly tying is that you'd think you'd save money making your own, but much like the sport the flies are used for, the hobby takes over and you end up accumulating more and more "necesseties" for your pursuits.

Ah well, there's worse things to be addicted to!

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