August 31, 2006

Labor Day Weekend Should Prove to be a Good One for North Shore Anglers

Frank G. Dwyer
August 31, 2006

With the start of Labor Day and the looming Fall Migration not far behind it, anglers should be putting their time in on the water as fishing has been quite good this past week.

Striped Bass and bluefish continue to provide good action for in-shore anglers while bluefin tuna fishing is definitely on the up-tick for anglers heading offshore. Cod, haddock and pollock fishing has also been decent for anglers in search of table-fare.

Marblehead: (4 hooks) Marblehead Neck has been fishing quite well this week with bass and blues pushing bait into the rocks. Large to medium wooden plugs as well as swimming lures have been producing for anglers. Anglers have also had good luck off Devereux Beach with fresh cut bait and clams.

Salem: (4 hooks) The waters around Salem have come alive with bass and bluefish feeding on the surface over the last few mornings in the harbor and just outside. Fishing off Winter Island has also proved productive for blues and bass.

Beverly: (4 hooks) Striped bass have been feeding on top off West Beach as well as around the islands. Larger pass have been taking whole or cut bait in the rocky outcroppings as well as picking up trolled tube-n-worm rigs.

Cape Ann: (4 hooks) Singing Beach and White Beach have been producing legal bass at night on eels, clams and other baits. There have been bass surface feeds just outside Magnolia harbor as well as around Kettle Island this past week. Surface feeds in the Annisquam this past week have kept anglers happy with mid-sized striped bass. Big bluefish continue to be just outside the breakwater as well as outside Lane’s Cove as well as off Halibut Point. Still no consistent reports of bluefin tuna close to the Cape, but anglers are still finding them in around the Southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank.

Ipswich: (3 hooks) Large surface feeds have been happening all week as large bass key on bait with birds overhead near the Ipswich Yacht Club and also at the mouth of the Ipswich River. The Castleneck River has also been home to surface feeds with larger bass and blues in the mix.

Newbury: (4 hooks) Parking lots 1, 6 and 7 have been quite productive for bluefish and striped bass for both bait and artificial fishermen. Early morning has been best for fish in close to shore. Plum Island Sound has also been fishing quite nice with steady pick of blues and stripers.

Newburyport / Plum Island: (4 hooks) Fishing around Newburyport continues to please anglers as striped bass and bluefish have been abundant. Anglers drifting both the outgoing and incoming tides on Joppa Flats have found cooperative shoolie bass on most drifts. Bluefish continue to carouse just outside the mouth of the Merrimack and while drifting with bait on the outgoing tide has produced some large keeper bass. Party boats continue to find good action for cod, haddock and some pollock.

Salisbury: (3 hooks) Angler’s fishing from Salisbury Beaches have found small stripers in close in the wash in the pre-dawn hours. These fish have been taking small flies from long-wanders and small popping plugs from spin casters. Bluefish have been trolled up off Salisbury Beach in the 40-60 foot range.

Seacoast, NH: (4 hooks) The Seacoast is fishing nicely these days as peanut bunker have been in the waters and enticing bass close to shore. The fishing has been especially good around Portsmouth as bass and bluefish have been corralling the bunker at the mouth of the Piscataqua. New Castle and Portsmouth are also producing good numbers of flounder.


Many bait anglers fish their mackerel, herring or pogies by “chunking” them. This is an effective way of fishing, but for even more bends in the rod, considering filleting those baits so that you can “thread” the filet onto the hook allowing a “tail” to wiggle in the current providing additional reasons for fish to hit.

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