May 27, 2004

Fish Finder – 5/27/2004

Frank G. Dwyer
May 27, 2004

Marblehead: Marblehead Harbor has been producing striped bass for boat anglers and while the big fish have not shown in numbers, that should happen very soon. Castle Rock on Marblehead Neck has also been producing numbers of striped bass.

Salem: The Danvers River has been producing steady striped bass action on moving tides over the last week. Fly anglers tossing clouser minnow and deceiver patterns on sinking lines have been hooking up on a regular basis. Rubber shad and small metal lures have also been picking up fish. White Fuel Bridge has also been decent for spin anglers.

Beverly: Beverly Harbor and West Beach have both been choked with bait and hungry stripers. West Beach in particular has been hot over the past week with bait, birds and busting stripers. These fish were taking most any lure offered, but top water plugs and fast stripped herring flies seemed most popular. Kernwood Bridge and Ober Park are good spots to try as well.

Cape Ann: Large schools of mackerel and herring have been reported off shore this week and hopefully those schools will move closer to shore with bigger striped bass following them. Herring/Mackerel imitations as well as live or cut bait should both work well around Cape Ann. The start of the incoming tide on the Ipswich Bay side of the Annisquam River has also been a good spot for both shore and boat anglers. The Essex River is also producing nice numbers of striped bass. Singing Beach has been a hit for surfcasters in Manchester-by-the-Sea. Party boats report good numbers of Cod and Haddock on most trips.

Ipswich: Crane Beach and Pavillion Beach have both begun to heat up for anglers from shore. Bass feeding on the surface have been reported from both beaches over the last week and anglers using both fly and spin gear have done well.

Newbury: The Parker River at the Route 1A Bridge has produced nice numbers of bass on the incoming tide and the first part of the outgoing tide. Fly anglers are having luck with clousers, deceivers and crease fly’s, while spin anglers tossing both top water plugs and swimming lures have done well. The Plum Island Sound has also been home to several frenzied bass blitzes.

Newburyport / Plum Island: Fishing around Newburyport has picked up nicely over the last week. While big striped bass are still the exception, bigger fish should be moving in daily. The front beach has produced many striped bass for both spin and fly fishermen, while the ever popular Plum Island Point continues to produce fish for anglers using both artificials as well as bait. Clams and Sea worms are the bait of choice here. Joppa Flats continues to please both wade and boat fishermen on the outgoing tide. Charter trips have been returning with good numbers of Cod and Haddock, as well as a few Wolfish and Cusk.

Salisbury: Anglers fishing the Salsibury side off of Joppa Flats as well as the State Reservation have been doing well catching numbers of Striped Bass. Just as it is across the river, large fish are still not the norm, but things are certainly picking up. Boat anglers anchoring by the Toothpick and Badger Rocks have been doing well drifting clams.

Seacoast, NH: Seabrook, Rye and Hampton have all seen fishing improve over the last week. The Hampton River and the surrounding marshes have begun to fill in with striped bass. Hampton and Seabrook Harbor have also seen increasing schoolie action. Larger fish should make their way to these northern waters in the next few weeks.

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